Laser engraved buttons, charms, jewelry, decor, personalized items and more!

My background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. After college I updated websites, created email campaigns, designed brochures, posters and ads. My designs were displayed in stores throughout the country, as well as Canada and Ireland. My ads were also published in USA Today as well as various newspapers and magazines throughout the country.

I started laser engraving my own artwork in 2013. Previously, I worked for a company that sold laser engravers. As soon as I started I new I wanted to own a laser. Now that I have one it's been so much fun--there are so many projects I want to try. With that in mind, this shop will continually grow with new items, so check back often. I also do personalized items for weddings, gifts, etc, as well as jewelry components, and specialized items made to order. So send me a message if you have something you would like created.

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